Corporate Cooking Challenge

Cooking With Embers – Corporate Cooking Challenge @ Incontro Restaurant


Cooking With Embers – Corporate Cooking Challenge

Cooking with Embers corporate nights aims to provide corporations with a unique experience in team building and leadership all revolving around food and wine.

andrew-embley1Andrew Embley teams up with Incontro Restaurant’s executive chef and part owner Pete Manifis to provide guests with an insight into how one of the biggest and most successful Western Australian organisations the West Coast Eagles, inspires and coaches their staff successfully year after year whilst incorporating and learning those skills through cooking.

Through hands on interaction and team dynamics we develop qualities needed in the people to make success possible. We show them how to identify and cultivate the will, the skill and way to succeed.

The Cooking with Embers Challenge acts as a metaphor for high performing teams and develops powerful team insights and transferrable skills.

Skilled in, leadership and business both Andrew and Pete guide your team through a corporate training experience that enables them to transfer what they learn to achieve rewarding outcomes.

andrew-embley2When guests arrive they will be split up into teams. Teams must then work together through a variety of activities for which they will be challenged on their knowledge on a range of food and ingredients. They will then be given a cooking demonstration by Chef Manifis.

Something magical happens when you combine food and learning.

That’s because food nourishes relationships.

Cooking and eating together naturally builds and reinforces bonds between people and Andrew and Peter know just how to enhance this process for outstanding results.

As a player at the West Coast Eagles for 15 years, Andrew has learnt many skills other than just playing football. He understands what it takes to be part of a successful group.

During his 15 years at West Coast Andrew has come in contact and been taught by world renowned leaders in goal setting, lateral thinking and leadership. Some of these programs ran for years at a time. With everything Andrew has learnt he has been able to put together a package that will transfer his knowledge to your corporate environment by incorporating food, a language that we all speak.

Whether you “just want to have fun”, need to incentivise sales or build key relationships, our Cooking with Embers team building evenings create a special bond like never before under our expert care.

Each section of every event’s is carefully designed so your team cooking experience is flawless, fun, full of dynamic energy and learning.

Why choose Cooking with Embers?

We get results that will be remembered and talked about.

Our events are:

  • Engaging for all levels of management, all departments, all ages and genders
  • Effective at building strong relationships and personal confidence
  • Flexible and carefully crafted to meet your objectives
  • Geared to promote sustainable living & wellness through
  • Fun, memorable and guaranteed to be talked about for a long time
  • Engage all your senses (a proven learning strategy) cementing their learnings
  • Together we deliver an incredibly effective learning experience that takes teams into realms of exceptional performance.”

Simply put, whether you just want to have fun, have serious work to do, or a mix of both, our hands-on cooking experiences are tailored to your objectives.

We treat each event as unique as your team so that you have the best team building event possible. We can develop a range of activities to fit your budget and tailor made to your specifications

Plus… We love what we do and bring passion and flair to every event.



Your night will include

  • a one on one experience with Andrew Embley
  • access to one of Perth’s top Executive Chefs Peter Manifis
  • team building activities revolved around food and wine
  • team challenges and competitions with prizes for the winners
  • talk on Leadership and team building by Andrew Embley
  • Cooking demonstration and talk by Peter Manifis
  • 3 course meal with alcohol included
  • wine appreciation
  • a small quiz

Why not use Cooking With Embers Corporate Challenge to uniquely create the ultimate leadership development, learning and bonding experience for your next team and performance enhancing event!

How it works – An Ultimate Team Building (3.5 Hour) Event

  • On Arrival – Introduction
  • Canapés to be served
  • 7.00pm – Activities to begin
  • Cooking demonstration
  • Wine appreciation
  • Ingredient Challenge
  • 8.00pm – Mains Served
  • 8.30pm – Talk by Andrew Embley and Peter Manifis
  • 9.00pm – Dessert Served
  • 9.30pm – Prizes and Awards

Alcohol & Soft Drinks

A selection of beer, wine and soft drink will be available on the night.

The Next Day

We send recipes, photos, and a link to our online feedback form to the event co-ordinator to distribute to the team.

As a reminder of your fantastic event, you get to post some great photos on your company’s website for all to enjoy.

The Next Step

Contact us for a proposal or let us know your specific requirements.

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w: complete our enquiry form and we will contact you within 1 business day.


We can tailor an event to suit your organisation and budget.

Charges are based on the format you choose, group size, venue and equipment rental and any extras you request.

Our events include fantastic food (no one will go away hungry), expert dynamic presenters, plus: succulent mouth-watering taste bud tantalising dishes, finest ingredients, basic kitchen equipment, uplifting mood music and zany team snap shots.

When, Where and How Many?

Incontro Restaurant – Corner Mends Street & South Perth Esplanade, South Perth

Minimum of 30 guests, maximum 80 guests.

6.30pm to 10.00pm

To book your Next Event or to Get More Information call or contact:

p: 0419 952 266


w: Complete our enquiry form and we will contact you within 1 business day.