The Embleys in Bali

Recently our Family headed to Bali for a relaxing holiday, and wow, what a spot. Sure, my wife and I had been there many times before but this time to experience it with our two young Children was truly priceless.

The first thing we love about Bali is it’s only three and a half hours flight away which is very important when traveling with little ones who refuse to sit still. The weather is warm, humid at times, but with a pool at the Villa cooling off is as simple as opening a Bintang.

Another great thing about Bali is it’s affordable. The Rupiah at the moment is at an all time high. $10 Aus is equivalent to $1 in Bali at present. There are so many wonderful restaurants to choose from at such cheap prices.

A Must see in Bali now is the Potato Head, it is what Ku Da Ta was ten years ago. Flash, big and set on the ocean. It’s busy and provides great atmosphere for everyone there.

Being a foodie two places I’d recommend are Mamason and Mosaic.

Mamason was amazing. An old warehouse that’s been gutted with the lower floor as a restaurant and the upstairs as a funky cocktail bar. A place you must check out! The food is Thai cuisine, it’s fresh and the flavors are just spectacular. For those who have eaten at Longrain in Sydney and Melbourne, this will impress you just as much.

Mosaic’s Michelin star sister restaurant will blow you away. Now open north of Seminyak in Ubud, it’s somewhere you must try with your partner. It is massive. All I can say is, what a dining experience. The food was a masterpiece, a creation of modern European/Australian food. It was art work, and really nothing here in Perth I could compare it to.

For some good cheap food try Ultimo, Trantoria and Rumours. All located along side each other , they are the cheapest restaurants you will ever eat at with such excellent value for money. A great choice to visit with family, especially if you’re there early and miss the crowds.

Finally, let me recommend the W Hotel, it has to be without doubt, the most impressive place I have seen. Even if you’re not staying there it’s worth a cocktail, or just browse around, you will be impressed!



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