Beluga. New Chef, New Menu, New Direction.

New Chef. New menu. New direction at Beluga.

Being a part owner of restaurant Beluga in Claremont awarded me the privilege of heading out last week to sample the new winter piccolo dining menu.

Over the past 6 months Beluga has encountered quite a bit of change, the largest of which was with our Head Chef. We had plenty of notice of the change to come and were lucky enough to secure the fabulous Kristen Lantzke who had been Head Chef at Jacksons Restaurant in Mount Lawley (one of my absolute favourite restaurants in Perth!)  I was ecstatic to say the least.

Our first meeting with Kristen as Head Chef had me excited. Our direction was that Beluga was to have a more casual, pop-in style atmosphere with our focus to remain on high quality, mouth wateringly fresh food.

We loved the concept of piccolo dining (where the diners at each table share multiple small meals – like tapas but without the Spanish influence) and wanted to introduce this idea to our guests at Beluga. It gives you a chance to sample multiple items on the menu instead of having just one main meal.

Having given Kristen the brief, we were really excited to see what she came up with. What would her signature be? What qualities and new flavours would Kristen bring to the Beluga menu? I was not disappointed.

There were six of us at dinner so the ‘piccolo Chef to cook’ experience worked perfectly. Everyone was able to sample all of the food – exactly how I like to eat as I have been known to get food envy!

Beluga ciabattaWe started with the warm ciabatta with truffle butter and black beluga salt. What a winning combo. Suffice to say truffle butter melts beautifully on warm crusty bread.

squidOur next dish was a tempura battered squid. I like my squid to be thick and tender and the batter needs to be light.

Beluga bastiaThen we moved onto a rabbit bastia. The rabbit had been braised just so and was tender, wrapped in filo pastry and finished off with a dusting of icing sugar. Icing sugar!! Yes, the slightly sweet taste lifted the dish just that little bit.  It’s a combo I wouldn’t have thought of so I was quite impressed.

Crispy pork belly, peas and pear

Crispy pork belly, peas and pear

Beluga veggiesBeluga beansBeluga chipsWe were all starting to feel full now, but just landed on the table were the triple cooked hand cut chips and since I must try all our dishes, we did and they were crispy, delightful and very moreish. Yum.

beluga panacottaLast but not least was dessert. We tasted the panacotta with coconut sorbet and fresh citrus wedges. The perfect ending to our meal – light, fresh and packed with flavour.

Come in and try our ‘chef to cook’ dining experience.  My suggestion is – don’t even bother looking at the menu. Let our staff organise a piccolo dining experience for you – you wont be disappointed.

To book a table at Beluga, call 9383 1638.

See you there.


Breakfast at Typika

typika 1typika 2typika 4 typika 3typika 5 typika 6typika 7 typika 8typika 9typika 10I was having a read of Rob Broadfields review on Typika last weekend and had to head down there myself.

Beef, for breaky? Really? I had to give this a go.

I arrived with the two kids and let me just say, they are beautiful, I love my kids….. but they refuse to sit still! Up, down, up down, I was exhausted and I hadn’t even had a sip of my long mac. The baby chino’s and countless marshmallows didn’t really help the situation but it’s Sunday breaky and I was needing anything for bribery, not that it was working.

Rayne rocked up not long after so being the good husband that I am I was able to take the kids for a wander and let her relax and have a quick read of the paper……

With long mac in hand and kids in toe I headed off to take a peek of this $800k roasting machine that Rob wrote about. I had no idea what to expect, I mean what the hell does an $800k roasting machine look like anyway? Is it gold plated? Let me just say it was impressive and it definitely looked like a major investment of the Chimbalino group. They will be cranking out some majorly roasted coffee from that monster!

I loved the wall with live micro herbs that lined the inside of the building, although the leaves did prove too much of a temptation for Autumn. “Please don’t pick the leaves honey” is a clear indication to pick so we didn’t last there very long.

I couldn’t go past ordering the Spiced Beef Bendict and let me tell you, it worked! The eggs were perfectly poached and the hollandaise sauce had just the right amount of harissa (harissa is a spice made up of a variety of hot peppers, spices and other herbs).

Rayne ordered the Eggs Benedict and again, the eggs cooked to perfection and I loved the chunky hand carved smoked ham that sat on the toast. A perfect marriage.

The coffee is mild and smooth and the décor is simple and earthy. When I asked where they purchased their water glass’s from I was told the owner brought back most of the decor from America and it was all recycled.

Typika is open Monday till Friday, breakfast till 11 and lunch till 3

Saturday and Sunday breakfast all day.

Have you been? What did you think?


Cooking with Kids – My Popcorn maker

I would just like to say thank you to Rayne for this awesome gift. I knew I got a ‘family’ gift for Christmas and when I saw the kids go crazy the first time they saw this popcorn maker in action I didn’t mind at all! Get yours from Dallimore’s Homewares in Subiaco. 

If you love it, please share it!

Cooking with Embers

“Cooking with Embers” provides football supporters and food lovers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with West Coast Eagles celebrity Andrew Embley.

Witness Embers assisting some of Perth’s renowned master chefs create sumptuous cuisine, feast on the final produce while enjoying some of Australia’s finest wines.

Be entertained with cooking demonstrations and special guests in one of Perth’s finest restaurants or in the relaxed surroundings of an exclusive private residence.